Is it Time for a Summer AC Tune-Up?

Summer is officially here and we’re ready to embrace the season with plenty of time outdoors: biking, boating, swimming and hanging out. There’s nothing better than spending a day outside, soaking up some rays and then heading inside to cool off. That first blast of air conditioned coolness is refreshing. A broken air conditioner can put a damper in your summer plans. When you don’t maintain your AC system, the summer is full of a less pleasure and a lot more pain (and sweat!)

A summer tune-up for your AC is critical in preparing your AC for extra use on those hot and humid days. A tune-up also helps keep your system in tip top shape through the year. Avoid costly repairs and frustrating breakdowns by scheduling your summer tune-up service today.

Here at WeatherWise Heating and Cooling, we understand the value of regular maintenance of your cooling system. When you use your A/C system for multiple months at a time, the air filters become clogged, which blocks airflow and reduces the efficiency of your air conditioner.

A professional tune-up service includes the following:

  • Professional Inspection
  • Foam Soap Cleaning of Outside Condenser
  • System Cycling & Thermostat Calibration
  • Refrigerant Level Check
  • Minor Repair Issues

An AC tune-up helps your unit run at peak efficiency resulting in a cooler, more comfortable home. Avoid unexpected breakdowns by opting for one of our preventative HVAC maintenance packages we offer in Crystal Lake, IL and beyond. Taking good care of your HVAC system is the key in a long lifespan for your system. Plus, the cleaning and filter changing steps are important to keeping your family safe and healthy by reducing air pollution from airborne dust, pollen and bacteria.

Not only are we committed to providing you with unbeatable on-site A/C and heating services such as no trip charges and regular tune-ups to ensure HVAC system efficiency, but we also guarantee 24/7 year-round emergency assistance as well as discounts on replacement parts, repair labor, and new unit purchases.

Call Weatherwise Heating & Cooling at 815.477.7766 today or use our contact us page. Schedule your summer AC tune-up. We service Crystal Lake, Fox Lake, Cary, Elgin, Fox River Grove, Lakewood, Volo, Woodstock, IL and beyond.

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