How to Get Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

Fall is officially upon us. Falling leaves and temperatures mean your HVAC system is about to experience a big change from cooling mode to heating. If you want your home to stay warm and cozy all winter long, fall is the perfect time for preventative maintenance.

Here are some simple steps you can take to prepare your HVAC system for cooler weather:

1.     Clean Around Your Outdoor Unit

Fallen leaves may be great for putting you in the mood for autumn but, they’re not great for your outdoor HVAC unit. Be sure to check around your unit and clear away any fallen leaves and debris. If you see anything that’s fallen inside your unit, call Weatherwise Heating & Cooling in Crystal Lake, IL for help.

2.     Change Your Air Filter

Air filters help your HVAC system run efficiently. They also help protect your family and home from air pollution and allergens. If you haven’t changed your filter recently, now is the time! A more efficient, cleaner HVAC system is especially important during the colder months.

3.     Seal Air Leaks

Keeping your home warm and comfortable depends on keeping the warm air IN. Air leaks can completely throw a wrench into your home’s temperature retention. Did you know air leaks in the average house are equivalent to leaving a medium window wide open 24- hours a day? If you think you may have an air leak, give Weatherwise a call at 815.477.7766 for one of our certified HVAC technicians to come to assess your home.

4.     Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostats are excellent at efficiency and lowering your utility bills. You can program your unit and have full control over the temperature – even when you’re away from home! You can even set a temperature schedule so there’s less stress on your unit. Most smart thermostats have a handy eco mode to help boost your energy savings and efficiency.

5.     Schedule Your HVAC Tune-Up

Preventative maintenance is the key to avoiding breakdowns and frequent repairs. Just like you need checkups to stay healthy, your HVAC system needs preventative maintenance to keep running efficiently and have a long lifespan. Maintenance should be done twice a year. The spring and fall are ideal as many of the breakdowns we see in summer and winter are due to issues that could have been easily avoided with basic maintenance.

Call Weatherwise Heating & Cooling at 815.477.7766 for all your HVAC maintenance, repairs, installations, HVAC replacements, and more! We service Crystal Lake, IL, and surrounding areas like Cary, Fox Grove, Woodstock, Lake Zurich, and Harvard.


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